Its important to have a correct and perfect lighting fixtures and bulbs for your home. It can help you enjoying your time spent at home even more. That’s because lighting play important role in shaping your mood and your condition. What things you must consider when choosing lighting items for your home? It can be […]

Do you have a closet? If you have, do you decor your closet? If you answer is yes, definitely you need some lighting appliance to light your closet. And what makes the perfect lighting than a chandelier.Mini chandelier for closet is designed to make sure the closet of your home get a full lighting. This […]

Niermann Weeks Italian Chandelier is one of the design created under the Niermann Weeks Company. Started in 1978, all designs created based on an elements from the past and reinterpret to fit current lifestyles, relating both traditional and contemporary.Interestingly, this chandelier design are handmade and finished in their Maryland studio. Most of their products is […]